Some models of wooden box beds for minimalist bedrooms

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Some models of wooden box beds for minimalist bedrooms

Nowadays, many people choose a minimalist lifestyle. They apply it to many areas of life around. Therefore, when decorating the bedroom, they often choose simple furniture but still full of utilities. Among the types of beds, the wooden box bed is the most suitable design when choosing. Check out some beautiful designs for a minimalist room!
1. What is minimalism?

Minimalism style is also known as minimalism. This is a trend, an art style that is very popular in recent years, although it appeared a long time ago. Its feature is to retain important details, eliminate cumbersome and unnecessary parts. Therefore, the bedroom or bed in the minimalist style, you will find it has a design that is based on sharp geometry and asymmetry.
2. How is the wooden box bed suitable for the minimalist style?

Are you wondering about the usefulness of a wooden box bed when used for a minimalist bedroom? In fact, it has more relevance than we think!
2.1. Simple disign

The wooden box bed has a box shape, close to the floor, no legs and has a drawer under the bed. In addition, small drawers are often placed on the side or tail of the bed. Overall, its design is quite simple and easy to use. The form is also not picky in detail, so it is very suitable for the bedroom in a minimalist style.
2.2. Save area

The box bed with drawers is extremely useful. It helps you save optimal bedroom space. You don't need to travel much to get things when there are drawers under the bed. The capacity of the small drawers is not large, but the large one below the bed is almost as close as a small cabinet. You can decorate a simple bedroom with a bed, table and chairs and cut down on a wardrobe.
2.3. Focus on utility

Simple box beds are usually not too sophisticated in form. Instead, people will focus on its utility, making it easy for users to use. That is similar to the characteristic of the minimalist style of keeping the essential parts and eliminating unnecessary details.


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