Experience of buying a good wooden bed

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Experience of buying a good wooden bed

When shopping for a wooden bed for your family, do you know how to choose a quality product for your family? Through this article, we will provide you with the essential wooden bed buying experience!

Advantages of wooden bed

Beds have been used by Vietnamese families since ancient times as well as wooden interior materials are preferred because they are always luxurious and sophisticated. Here are some of the advantages you can see:

  • Diversity of models: Developed in stages, they possess a certain diversity in the market. This makes it easy to find products that match your bedroom style.
  • Rich colors: Wood color is always the choice of many families. In addition, with industrial wooden beds, the color of the product also becomes more diverse.
  • Ease of cleaning and outstanding durability: Wood surfaces are often easy to clean and clean because they are less prone to dust. This also contributes to the product's ability to be durable over time. Bring elegance, sophistication and elegance to the family.
  • Price: Each type of bed with different designs and materials will have different prices. This creates an extremely bustling furniture market for all types of customers.
  • Cozy, rustic bedroom space: Wooden bed is suitable for many styles from classic vintage to modern, luxurious and sophisticated.

Experience in choosing wooden beds

To choose the right wooden bed for the family, here are some sharing according to the experience of experts in the interior industry to help you have the most general view.

The bed is the product that takes up the most space in the room. So its size is the main factor determining whether your room will be larger or smaller. They are also a factor that creates a feeling of comfort or not when you rest and relax in your own private space.

First, when you choose a bed for yourself, pay attention to the size of the room. A room with a small area but choosing a bed that is too big will make the space become narrow and stuffy, cramped.

Next, you need to consider who the user is to consider which size should be used appropriately. Because if you have two users and you only choose a bed that is too small, it will also make sleep less comfortable as desired.

  • If you are a couple, you can choose a size of about 1m6 x 2m, in addition, you can also choose a bed with a larger size such as 1m8 x 2m and super large 2m x 2m2.
  • For children, a bed measuring 1m x 1m9 is enough.
  • As for the single bed for an adult, you can choose a model of 1m2 x 1m9.

A bed of the right size will ensure aesthetics and cool space for your private rest.

Material is also a matter of concern. At this point, you should pay attention to consider how your own needs and financial capabilities are.

Beds made from natural wood, industrial wood or plastic, stainless steel all have different advantages and disadvantages, according to which the price is also different.

  • Natural wooden bed: Popular with high durability, unique and diverse wood grain, superior in aesthetics and use value. Commonly used woods include: oak, walnut, ash, ocher, incense, etc.
  • Industrial wooden bed: This is considered a great solution when natural wood resources are gradually becoming scarcer. Industrial wooden beds have cheap prices, good durability, and very stylish designs. Meet the needs of consumers.
  • Upholstered bed: consisting of wood and surrounding leather or fabric. The wooden frame makes sure, the mattress cover creates a smooth and safe for the user.

Most families today choose wooden beds, because of their environmental friendliness and many beautiful designs

You need to pay attention to the overall color of the room as well as other previously available furniture. There will be 2 types for you to choose from: the color of the wood and the painted bed.

Natural wood color will often be dark brown, yellow or light brown, etc.

Painted wood color is quite diverse, you can freely choose according to your liking.

Design is considered an important part because they play a decisive role in the aesthetics as well as convenience for the user. You can find beds with simple designs to not spend too much time cleaning and cleaning but still exuding inherent elegance.

If you like sophistication and classic, neoclassical beds with carved patterns will be the perfect choice. In addition, bed models with built-in features such as drawers and drawers are also more convenient for you to store personal belongings.

Depending on what style the room is using, we choose the bed accordingly, so that it is the most synchronized:

Modern style: Simple design, not fussy, integrated with many functions, easy to combine with many rooms.

Neoclassical style: The design has elaborate, curvy lines, delicate patterns, creating luxury and nobility for the bedroom.

Price is also a factor you need to consider. Normally, natural wooden beds will have a higher price than industrial wooden beds.

With natural wood at a cheaper price, you can consider oak beds with prices ranging from 3.5 million to 7 million dong. Solid oak wood, resistant to high compression and not subject to termites, warping, good nail adhesion and can be stained and polished.

With an amount of about 5-7 million VND, you can buy a high quality industrial wooden bed. It can be said that the price of industrial wooden bed is suitable for the financial ability of many families.
Choose a reputable bed seller

The bed is an important item in daily life, so you need to "choose the gold side" to be able to own a bed that meets your needs. Therefore, choosing a reputable unit in the current furniture market is worth your consideration.


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