Experience choosing to buy a beautiful, cheap wooden bed

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Experience choosing to buy a beautiful, cheap wooden bed

With so many designs, materials and origins for a wooden bed today, choosing is not easy at all.

1. Wooden bed designs

Wooden bed must match the general interior of the bedroom. If the bedroom space has other family furniture such as a chalkboard, wardrobe, and bedside cabinets with a classic look, of course a modern style wooden bed will hardly match the surrounding interior space around it.

Currently, consumers, especially young couples, tend to choose beds with simple and modern designs. These designs have less intricate carvings, so cleaning the wooden bed is easier. In addition, they often prefer good products and reasonable prices that still ensure high aesthetics. Currently, the designers and manufacturers of wooden beds provide additional services of designing wooden beds according to the requirements of models and designs.

2. Dimensions of the wooden bed

Bed size is one of the important factors to consider, even related to bed feng shui. Even if your bedroom space is small, the minimum size of the family bed should be 2000 x 1800 (mm).

If the room has a larger area, you can choose a spacious bed so that your child can sleep with parents without being cramped. However, you should also note that owning a bed with an excess size means that you have to order a separate sheet and mattress to fit the size of the bed.

3. Quality wooden bed

The texture of the wooden bed is one of the important criteria that you should check before choosing to buy the right product:

  • Review and check that the bed structure is firm and safe to use.
  • Is the quality of the wood 100% natural, more or less grafted wood products, any cracks?
  • Is the wood paint color nice and smelly? If you do not know too much about choosing to buy wood, you can ask the staff to write a commitment that the type of wood you need to buy is 100% correct.
  • Pay attention when buying a bed, you need to look carefully at the screws to ensure sure, the bed flap has high durability when using strong force ... Should ask the seller carefully about the warranty period, warranty conditions.

4. Price of wooden bed

Depending on the financial resources of each person, there are different choices, but if you choose a reputable manufacturer, it is possible to own a good quality bed at a reasonable price. Please consult more experienced people, they will tell you where to buy goods that are not "hacked".


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